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Looking for a professional home interior designer in Hong Kong for home decor and renovation? Find top-rated home designers and interior design companies in HK for small flats to luxury homes. From interior design for home, retail store to office design! Look for more interior design styles and featured cases via Toby! Hire without agency fees and save 99% of time!

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2023 Top Interior Design Companies and Home Designers in Hong Kong

  • Mr Yau
    (4 Reviews)
    Hi there, I am here to provide one-stop home decor and maintenace service to all customers, from interior design, home renovation and decor, home cleaning, part time helper, office cleaning, relocation services, installation and so on... Professional and detail-oriented no matter the scale of the service. We pay full attention to your needs, aim to deliver and pefect your home and living experience, and yet a dream home. We can provide blue print, 3D sketches, and customized furniture design as well.
  • Chung's Design
    (9 Reviews)
    80s Freelance Interior Designer from Hong Kong. •Design Concepts •3D Rendering •Interior Design •Construction Drawings Contact me to learn more!
  • Celes Chan
    Creative desgins without boundaries cutomized for you! Hi, I am a freelance designer and aim to fulfill your satisfactions. Passionate for drawing, illustration and especially logo and business card designs.
    (4 Reviews)
    Since our inception in 2007, JAS Design Limited (HK) has established an extensive portfolio of innovative projects ranging from residential projects, retail outlets, bars and restaurant. While working locally, we are also competent in handling pro...
  • Design Cool Concept
    (13 Reviews)
    Hello there, our company has a team of top designers that expertise in creating the most innovative and practical design concepts for residential, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, clinics, airlines, international brands, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. at any size or budget. Our professional project team will continue to deliver impeccable service as well as high quality workmanship within your deadline and budget.
  • settedue (urbancraft ltd.)
    (2 Reviews)
    Hello, this is Stefano Caglioni. Thanks for surfing on our page! I am an Italian architect, working between HK and mainland China. My pure passion is residential design, with particular attention to space-saving solutions. I founded a company in H...
  • a.space_interior
    (1 Reviews)
    A.Space Interior offers interior desgin to residentials, stores and office space. Providing CAD outlines, 3D modeling, shop drawing etc.
  • Eagle Development (Holdings) Company Limited
    (1 Reviews)
    Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd. specializes in central air-conditioning, interior design, engineering supervision and construction one-stop service engineering operators, serving Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao business customers, as well as the residential customer market. Yugao Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong and wholly-owned by Macau’s Yugao Development Engineering Co., Ltd. and China’s Shenzhen Qianhai Yugao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Yugao insists on doing the engineering purpose of the project, all Innovations that are helpful, enhanced, optimized, or intelligently humanized in engineering cost control, construction schedule, and quality are all goals of high development integration.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 22 reviews
    +852 89896676
    Dec 06 2021


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    Dec 06 2021

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    Actual Interior Design Requests

    • “Japanese Interior Design for a small flat in HK”

      New Territories-Tseung Kwan O

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Bathroom design
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Japanese Interior Design
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Want a Japanese soaking tubs <3
    • “Finding a reliable Interior Designer. Price is negotiable.”

      Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Spatial design refinement, Kitchen design, Bathroom design, Color palette/paint selection , Furniture selection, Curtain selectio, Lighting selection
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Muji style
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Master bedroom, one childrens room, one guest room, and a helpers room
    • “Visitor Center Interior design”

      Hong Kong-Tin Hau

      What kind of interior design service do you need?Color palette/paint selection, Furniture selection, Curtain selection, Lighting selection, Full design starting from a bareshell space
      Which style of interior design would your prefer?Industrial Interior Design
      Anything else you would like your Pro to know?Building a new tourist centre in one of the MTR stations in Hong Kong

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    Considering a home makeover? Whether you're looking for fresh home decor ideas, custom furniture, comprehensive home renovation, or expert advice on ceiling and floor work, Toby is your ultimate destination. We connect you with top-notch interior design companies and home designers in Hong Kong. We not only provide at least three tailored quotes based on your home renovation budget and requirements, but we also ensure that all listed Interior Designers and Companies are stringently vetted and qualified.

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    You can also browse all renovation companies for reference. Interior Style includes: Japanese Interior Design, Scandinavian interior Design, Industrial Interior Design and more. You may also filter interior design for Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Bathroom Design, and bedroom design.

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    Unsure where to start? At Toby, we've made it simple for you to connect with leading Interior Design Companies in Hong Kong. Follow three easy steps: 1. Submit your personalized request on interior design. 2. Receive free quotations from at least three interior designers or companies. 3. Toby's consultant will arrange a complimentary on-site measurement service. You can compare prices, evaluate past interior design projects, and read customer reviews to choose the interior designer that best aligns with your style and budget.

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    Upon successfully matched with Interior Design Companies and signing a renovation contract via Toby, you will receive free services from our professional renovation consultant. Our partnered consultant is a member of professional associations (HKIE and the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK) and has 10 years of experience in the interior renovation industry. The free consultation services include: 1) Professional Advice on the renovation project 2) Following up on payment timing and procedures 3) Monitoring the quality of completed work 4) Providing Acceptance Report Additionally, you may choose to upgrade to supervisory services, including: 1) Providing a construction timetable 2) Professional on-site inspections, continuously assisting in monitoring progress 3) Quality inspection of plumbing, electricity, painting and waterproofing work

    Why Hire an Interior Design Company in Hong Kong?

    When you hire an Interior Designer, you aren't just hiring a person, but their training, experience, and industry knowledge. They'll professionally guide and add their expertise to your vision. With Toby, we connect you to top-rated interior design firms that understand your needs, especially when dealing with unique challenges like interior design for small flats in Hong Kong.

    What Does an Interior Design Company Do?

    Interior design companies provide advice on the interior layout of a space/building, propose reconfigurations, and generate 2D or 3D design plans, drawings, mood boards, and project visualizations. They curate a selection of Furniture, Fixtures, and Fittings (FF&E) required for implementation and procurement. They also consider the hidden elements such as electric wiring, plumbing, cement, plaster, and hardware. Interior design involves almost all visual elements of a room – flooring, ceiling, walls, furniture, lights, upholstery, doors, windows, electronic items, and accessories.

    Is It Cheaper to Use an Interior Designer?

    While interior designers are typically more costly to hire than decorators due to their extensive services and higher training, their expertise can add immense value to your project. Some designers may charge per hour or a flat fee. Therefore, if you have room in your budget and want your dream home hassle-free, hiring a professional is a wise choice.

    How Much Do Interior Designers Charge in Hong Kong?

    The cost of interior design with renovation services varies greatly depending on a multitude of factors such as the property's usable area, the home designer's experience, material choices, the complexity of the design, and the urgency of the project. For instance, for a 400 sq ft unit with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen, if you hire an interior design company for complete design, renovation, and custom-made furniture, the cost would start from about HKD 400,000. If you only need interior design services without renovation and custom furniture, the design draft cost could range from HKD 20,000 to HKD 100,000. The charges of an interior design company and an individual designer will differ depending on their experience. Generally, hiring a novice interior designer may cost around HKD 20,000 to HKD 30,000. More experienced designers could charge from HKD 40,000 to HKD 60,000. Well-known interior designers could even charge HKD 80,000 or above.

    How Do I Choose an Interior Design Company in Hong Kong?

    Selecting an Interior Designer for your project involves researching, visiting model homes or designer home shows, perusing the portfolios of your builder and architect, and asking them for interior designer referrals. On Toby, you can easily compare prices, previous design projects, and profiles to find the right Interior Designers in Hong Kong.

    What should I prepare before meeting the home designers?

    Before meeting with home designers, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your needs and preferences. Here are a few things to prepare: 1. Define your requirements: Home designers will want to understand your specific needs. This includes your budget, the square footage of your space, the type of renovation you're looking for (whether it's a new build, a complete remodel, or just a section of your home), and your preferred interior design style. 2. Gather inspiration: Collect images from magazines, catalogues, or online resources that inspire you. These can be a great way to communicate your design preferences to your designer. They can also serve as a jumping-off point for discussions about your project's direction. 3. Review their previous work: Home designers will often provide a portfolio of their past projects. Take the time to review these and compare their design styles to your own tastes. This can help you evaluate if a particular designer's style aligns with what you envision for your space.

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