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  • 東亞搬運有限公司
    Supreme Service
    Gold Tier
    (158 Reviews)
    No matter you need home relocation, shop relocation or the office relocation, Zhongxin can alleviate the trouble for the clients. We will help our clients in planning relocation so that the furniture and goods of our customers can be reached the new premises safely and quickly. Zhongxin insists on taking reasonable price, providing free on-site inspection services, giving a reasonable price based on the actual environmental conditions, and never overcharging relocation fee. Bulky furnitures will be properly packaged to ensure the safety. Zhongxin can also clear the premises for customers, and dispose of old furniture so that customers can set up new homes or offices at ease.
  • 無論家居、寫字樓或是店...
    Supreme Service
    Silver Tier
    Gold Tier
    (533 Reviews)
    The professional staff from our relocation company will properly pack all the furniture, electrical appliances, and other items before relocation to make sure the customers' belongings can be well protected and relocated swiftly to the destination place. We will also provide all kinds of services before and after the relocation. If you are living in a special place like a village house or a tenement building, we will send our professional staff to inspect the environment before handling and provide adequate packaging and handling equipment according to the environment and terrain to make sure the customer's (consigned) items are safe. Our company also provides musical instrument handling, loading and unpacking services, piano installation and disassembly, piano maintenance, tuning and other services.
  • 【立譽天地】
    (9 Reviews)
    “We are well known for all over the world for more than 40 years and believe that honesty leads to the perfection," We provide professional one-stop relocation package, operating home and office relocation, logistics and warehousing services.
  • 搬屋易搬屋公司 Esey Transportation
    Silver Tier
    (8 Reviews)
    "Ant Relocation Services" is a professional, reputable relocation company. Each of our staffs sincerely provides you with the best relocation services, so that every customer can enjoy our high quality and professional relocation service with reasonable relocation expenses. We serve a wide range of services: services include houses relocation, factories relocation, office relocation, piano, furniture storage and furniture removal.
  • 搬屋 搬寫字樓 存倉 國際搬遷 機密文件文件處理
    Supreme Service
    Silver Tier
    Gold Tier
    (152 Reviews)
    Our relocation company provides professional handling and storage services with staff who are professional, reliable, and courteous. Our relocation fees are charged reasonably and will never overcharge. We own a team of box trucks and we are willing to provide relocation services for different parties.
  • 迷你倉專用搬運公司
    (3 Reviews)
    Zhongtian was founded in 2000 and has been providing relocation, storage, transport and rental truck services for families and companies for many years. We are famous for changing reasonable relocation fees and providing high efficiency of services and , which are deeply loved by our customers. We also have a fleet of 5. 5 tons, 9 tons, 16 tons, 24 tons, and a hanger cargo throughout Hong Kong and Kowloon.
  • 邦邦搬屋有限公司
    Our relocation company owned a group of experienced staff with careful and responsible working attitude, which can provide you proper relocation services with high spirits. Technically, our staff understands how to transport the furniture in the safest and the most efficient ways. For fragile items and electronic appliances, we will protect them with cardboard or cotton blanket for your own good. We provide services including relocating furniture, home relocation, transporting large machinery, office relocation, transporting piano, etc. Before giving out the relocation fees, we will inspect the actual environment. We will adhere to the principle of care, we will provide a planned compensation system for your own benefits.
  • 家居易服務有限公司
    (15 Reviews)
    Our relocation company was established in 2001 and has been developed into a one-stop home service company. With a professional and sincere attitude, we meet our clients' needs and requirements in different ways to provide them an appropriate and satisfied home relocation services, so that our customers can enjoy a better quality of family life.
  • 日本城搬運
    (2 Reviews)
    Our relocation company is a service-oriented, customer-first, warm and courteous one. We provide services from transport bulky goods from Japan Home City stores. We have a fleet of high-quality and safe trucks with experienced drivers. We aim to give our customers an inexpensive and high-quality residence and office relocation services. Before charging fees, we will give you a fee lists based on the actual conditions and never overcharge. We want our customers to enjoy a satisfactory relocation services.
  • Vinster
    Thank you for your attention. We currently provide interior renovation, tailor-made, relocation, and warehouse equipment services. Feel free to make bookings and enquire.
  • jeff 張
    Jeff Cheung has more than 20 years of experience in furniture assembly and relocation. The company has served houses estates of different sizes in Hong Kong, as well as services including home relocation and office relocation. There is a small warehouse for furniture storage and a truck of medium size. The aim of the company is being honest and practical.
  • Mr Yeung
    Renovation work, bricklayering, electrical and plumbing engineering, air conditioning, laying floor tiles, plastering, paint renewal, home renewal, office renewal, and so on. I have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and have trained many apprentices. No problem at all with renovation or repair work! Quality is guaranteed and prices are reasonable and affordable. Free quotes! Fell free to call or whatsapp Ray.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 8 reviews
    Nov 27 2020

    Very satisfied, friendly, considerate, very careful with dissembling and moving to ensure no damages. Good communication and very easy going, highly recommend!!

    Oct 09 2017


    Oct 06 2017


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    Relocation Average Cost

    Total Price: $3,000
    Total Price: $5,500
    Total Price: $12,000
    Relocation cost table
    Total Price: $3,000
    Total Price: $5,500
    Total Price: $12,000
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.

    Actual Relocation Requests

    • “Looking for a relocation company in Hong Kong”

      Hong Kong-Mid-Levels

      Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)Tai Hang
      Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Bed, boxes, kitchenware, clothes, etc.
      Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Mid-levels
    • “Urgent home relocation needed”

      Hong Kong-Tin Hau

      Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)Kennedy Town
      Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Ottoman, Fainting couch, Bed, Television set, Dining table, Bookcase, etc.
      Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Tin Hau
    • “Office relocation”

      Kowloon-Wong Tai Sin

      Where is the destination for the relocation? (Enter District)North Point
      Please tell us the quantity and type of furnitures you would like to be relocate.Filing cabinet, Cupboard, Closet, Washstand, Bed, Stool, etc.
      Where are you relocating from? (Enter District)Wong Tai Sin

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    What services will be provided by the relocation company?

    Different relocation services providers can provide services including home relocation (including old tenant houses and village houses), office relocation, whole building relocation. Besides, a single object such as a mattress, a massage chair, and a cupboard. The services provider will help you to store your furniture if needed.

    How to find a reputable relocation company?

    There are different relocation company in the market. At Toby, you can choose the relocation company based on their introduction and the customers' reviews to choose the most welcomed relocation company. Besides, there are blacklisted relocation company on the internet.

    How much will the relocation service cost?

    Before the relocation, the company will have an on-site visit to your home to see how to charge. They will either charge once and for all or on the amount of relocated items. If you only need to remove a single stuff like a piano, a sofa, etc. It will be already enough if you employ a relocation company which charges for relocation items. The prices vary due to different factors, such as the starting place and the destination. Do remember to check the price list before moving!

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