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  • Since 13 years old, I (SAM) have been training tennis 2-3 times a week from professional coach on a regular basis in England's middle and high school. I had been selected to be a member of my School and University's Tennis Team and won several matches throughout both in the UK & Hong Kong. When I move back to HK, I have also participated in matches on behalf of companies and business institution as well as myself, and instructing 1-on-1 lessons to students of different ages. I personally think it is not easy to gain experience in Hong Kong from tennis matches especially for students, which will slow down their learning progress. So I propose an unique learning scheme from my previous matches experience - re-create certain match scenarios during the training session, in order to boost up student’s basic skillset as well as tennis matches IQ. As we all know booking public tennis court is very diffucult in Hong Kong Island, my students are welcome to use my Resident’s Clubhouse tennis court for tennis lesson. Please contact me for further details.
  • Experienced Tennis Coach資深網球教練
    (1 Reviews)
    PTR instructor. More than 10 years of experience in teaching tennis for adults and kids
  • Raymond Yiu
    (6 Reviews)
    I have more than twenty years’ experience in tennis, and have years of experience in competiting. I started to become a full time tennis teaching five years ago, and have the USPTA professional coach and the HKTA license coach. With patience, I continuously accept and adopt new tennis teaching methods to enable students to use the shortest time to learn modern tennis playing method. Easy, steady and fast. Welcome!
  • Dickson
    (1 Reviews)
    HKTA Certified Coach Former Junior Tennis Player Full Time Trained at Bollettieri Tennis Academy Cantonese, Mandarin, English Coaching area: Kowloon & N.T. Welcome for all beginner, intermediate and advance player. Kids & adult. 1v1 coaching and group coach up to 4 players.
  • Curtis MAR
    (1 Reviews)
    I started to play tennis since I was 6 years old, and have 20+ tennis coaching experience.
  • Sam Hung
    Supreme Service
    (52 Reviews)
    Hi there, my name is Sam, a former junior tennis player and have trained in Australia in the past. I am also a HKTA licensed coach. Motivated and NO time wasting. For more info, please feel free to reach out to us! We will be happy to answer all your question
  • Andrew Hung
    (1 Reviews)
    Professional tennis coach and hitting partner. Ranked top 10 in BC for U18 in Vancouver BC. Ranked top 5 for U16 and U14 in Hong Kong. USPTA certified coach - rated as Elite Professional (Highest rank). More than 7 years of experience coaching kids, teens and adults in Canada and Hong Kong. Tennis lessons are offered in Cantonese, Mandarin or English. Private/ group coaching lessons/ children elementary mini tennis class available.
    Tennis Elite is a dynamic sports company that specialises in delivering a full range of tennis coaching services exclusively to private residences in Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of customised tennis programmes based on the individual goals and needs of every client. Our programmes cater to all ages and abilities, ranging from private lessons, adult clinics, and junior group classes, to tennis holiday retreats, social events and so much more, delivering quality and service of a top-scale tennis club to your door. Our intention is to optimise our client’s full potential in the dynamic, social, exciting world of tennis, whilst promoting healthy, active balanced living. Tennis is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle... For more information, please visit our website: or connect with us on Facebook:
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    Actual Tennis Lesson Requests

    • "Mini-tennis coach in Hong Kong"

      Hong Kong - Sai Wan Ho

      What is the student's current tennis level?Intermediate
      How old is the student who wants to learn tennis?6 - 10 years old
      Do you prefer 1 on 1 tennis lesson or group tennis lesson?In groups
    • "Tennis lessons in Kowloon"

      Kowloon - Mong Kok

      What is the student's current tennis level?Beginner
      How old is the student who wants to learn tennis?11 - 19 years old
      Do you prefer 1 on 1 tennis lesson or group tennis lesson?In groups
    • "Intensive Tennis Training"

      Hong Kong - Sheung Wan

      What is the student's current tennis level?Beginner
      How old is the student who wants to learn tennis?11 - 19 years old
      Do you prefer 1 on 1 tennis lesson or group tennis lesson?1 on 1 private lesson

    About Tennis Lesson - Hong Kong Tennis Coach / Private Tennis Instructor / Group Tennis Lessons near me

    Tennis, has always been known as one of the four gentleman's sport along with golf, bowling, snooker. Tennis requires good batting skills so as to have control over the tennis ball. Tennis beginners can look for private Tennis Coaches to have 1-on-1 training to learn the correct postures and gestures especially in your strokes and serve techniques.

    Joining group lessons, can interact with other peers and observe certain tactics and style of play in opponents. Both adults and children can learn fundamental Tennis techniques and skills with the help from a professional Tennis instructor, and even get to learn some advanced strategies for competitive Tennis!

    Answer a few questions, and get up to 4 quotes from the best Tennis Coaches within mins! 100% FREE! Save you 99% of time.

    The Tennis Coaches on Toby have been authenticated and reviewed. They are sincere, professional, and experienced in tennis coaching. Your Hong Kong Tennis Lesson needs will be catered through 1-on-1 private Tennis Lesson. Beginners, advanced tennis player, children, and teenagers can all find the right tennis instructor suitable for their respective experience levels, improving their Tennis skills through learning and practicing. You can hire our Pros without worries.

    Apart from the recommended Tennis Coaches, I'd also like to check the price of hiring a Tennis Coach!

    Just let Toby know what your requirements are, such as tennis court location (group tennis lessons near me or tennis coach nearby), your tennis playing experience, and so on. In no time, you will receive at least 4 quotations from Hong Kong Tennis Coaches. You can easily pick the best Tennis Coaches who fit your Tennis Lesson requirements most, and hire the best Tennis Coaches who suits you most based on tennis coach fee, his/her quotation and past reviews. Your tennis coaching requests will find its best solution - anytime and anywhere.

    What are my options for mode of instructor in Hong Kong?

    In Hong Kong, the tennis coaches will do either private tennis lessons or group tennis lessons in different location like Causeway Bay, Kowloon, Mid-levels, and Sai Kung. The tennis classes will be separated according to the age group and into adults and teens class. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Tennis Academy, and Hong Kong Tennis Club will organize tennis class too.

    What age can kids start playing tennis?

    children can start playng as early as 4 years old. There are some children tennis lessons particularly organised for kid of similar age group. They will play mini-tennis so all equipment can be suitable for the young people. Hong Kong Tennis Association also has courses to train mini-tennis coach to satisfy the needs for kids.

    What are the qualifications of a professional tennis coach in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong Tennis Association (HKTA) has their own set of qualifications to recognize the tennis coach's level. The qualifications are internationally recognized. From tennis coaches' self-introduction, you can learn about the teaching experience from HK Tennis Association too.

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