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Violin is said to be king of all western instruments.

Taking a violin lesson with certified violin teachers instructs student how to the violin and bow and finger patterns. Learn how to play violin and crucial violin techniques with our top violin teachers! Suitable for all all ages. Want to learn to play Violin?

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  • Jovin Lee
    (1 Reviews)
    Jovin Lee is a senior music producer and is also engaged in film music production. He is not only a violin instructor, but also a composer and performer. The films he has participated in have won praise and a large number of on-demand in the Mainland. He has performed at grappa Cellar, known as the Moulin Rouge in Hong Kong, the famous bars Oragne Peel and Backstage, the Science Museum, the Classic Car Show on the Central Waterfront Promenade, and the famous Silver Mine Bay Music Festival. In addition to classical music, he has also participated in different types of music performances, such as country and Jazz Fusion. Introduction to violin lessons A wide range of music types, such as pop, classical, ...
  • Miss Ho
    (1 Reviews)
    Miss Ho graduated from Master of Arts in Music at Hong Kong Baptist University. She also graduated from Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Music Studies (First Class) at Hong Kong Baptist University. Mentored by famous painist Prof. Hongchang
  • Tony Yuen
    (1 Reviews)
    I learnt violin ever since I was a child. I am now a student of the famous conductor and violinist Mai Jiale. My qualifications: ABRSM Grade 8 Violin, Royal Music Academy Music Theory Level 5, memebr of Hong Kong Music Mentor League. I participate in orchestra rehearsals and performances reguarly. I have participated in the following organziation/groups: HK18 Symphony Orchestra, Maijiale Symphony House, and Huanyu Symphony Orchestra. I am a tutor for individual violinists and a violin instructor at school. Good at guiding students technique for right-handed bow and left-handed string skills and independent practice methods. My goal is to enable students to master the correct method of playing the piano and play their favorite tracks in the shortest possible time.
  • Cryus Suen
    Supreme Service
    (45 Reviews)
    Male violin home instructor. Earlier in 2014, Cryus has obtained a violin certificate of level 8. From 2014 to 2017, he is the second violinist of the Hong Kong International Music School Chamber Orchestra and perform to the public every year. He was a violin instructor at the club and also a violinist at the inauguration ceremony of the Hong Kong Guest Association. Currently a resident member of the Green Yoyo Band. I am a full-time violin teacher with 5 years of teaching experience. I emphasize the importance of foundation and interest. The correct posture, strict pitch, neat rhythm and accurate visual ability are all indispensable in my teaching. There must be a solid foundation to learn the following techniques such as changing hands, double-tones and other techniques. Currently, he provides full-time violin lessons in various districts.
  • Hong Kong Violin Academy
    (1 Reviews)
    The first and only professional violin music school in Prince Edward District, all teachers have professional qualifications and unique edge compared to other violin instructors!
  • Chun Yin Kwan
    (1 Reviews)
    Bachelor of Music, University of Melbourne, Australia. He was the chief violin tutor and consultant of the Australian Music School. Students under his name have won numerous awards. Currently the music director of Tongbu Music Art Classroom.
  • Passion Music Center
    (6 Reviews)
    Description: The ukusto pop music classroom was founded in 2016 by several North District music artists. The purpose of the center is to provide students with comprehensive and high-quality pop music courses, to learn music in a leisurely and comfortable environment, to cultivate a comprehensive musician. Feel the music from the body and mind, and finally play a moving piece to open a beautiful page for life.
  • Juan Carmona
    I am a professional violinist and violin tutor from Europe, Master's Degrees in violin performance and teaching. Offering private tuition from beginners to advanced level. Personalized teaching method. Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any ques...
  • Charlie Wong
    I teach violin of your parents and children. First, introducing my background: Royal College of Music (Violin) Level 8, Royal College of Music (Letheory Theory) Level 5, Advanced Violin Trinity Conservatory (playing diploma ATCL) and ABRSM (8th grade music theory) - Now a member of the Hong Kong Music Instructor League, the tutor welfare benefits students - is teaching 7 junior students violin, respectively (5 2nd grade students, 2 1st grade students) regular courses Including: - Teaching violin playing skills (such as bowing, finger pressing) - Teaching general violin knowledge and tempo.
  • 畢業於King's Co...
    (1 Reviews)
    Graduated from King's College London in Music, majoring in piano. -LTCL in piano - ATCL in violin -Grade 8 in singing and theory. -Have been the leader of orchestra and have experience in performing piano and violin. -Working as full time piano, violin and theory teacher. -Frequent accompanist in student exams and competitions -Enjoy communicating with kids. Hope to bring out their potential and to cultivate their enthusiasm in music. -Emphasise in the foundation of students (eg. sight reading skills, posture, techniques) -Hold regular student concerts and encourage students to participate in exams and competitions for them to understand the importance of scheduled practice sessions -Fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin
  • Joyful Music
    (6 Reviews)
    Music Courses: Adult/Children Offer Piano lessons, Violin lessons, Music Theory, Accompaniment Tutoring: Homework Counseling, Elementary School/English/Digital Skills Tutoring. Through the above courses, we hope to nurture the pillars of the next generation and teach them the proper learning attitudes, here to provide support and encoragement to parents.
  • Customer Reviews
    Based on 31 reviews
    Dec 30 2020

    Very satisfied, friendly, considerate, very careful with dissembling and moving to ensure no damages. Good communication and very easy going, highly recommend!!

    May 03 2021


    Apr 28 2021


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    Violin Lesson Average Cost

    Violin Lesson cost table
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    Actual Violin Lesson Request

    • wanna get a violin teacher for my son ""

      Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

      What is the student's current violin level?Grade 1 - 2
      How old is the student who wants to learn violin?6 - 10 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?English
    • "Preparing for a professional violin concert"

      Hong Kong - Central

      What is the student's current violin level?Grade 7 - 8
      How old is the student who wants to learn violin?19 - 25 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?Mandarin
    • "Complete beginner. But I have plenty of time to practice Violin."

      Kowloon- Kowloon City

      What is the student's current violin level?Elementary
      How old is the student who wants to learn violin?26 - 44 years old
      Which language do you prefer to conduct the lessons in?Cantonese

    About Violin Lesson - Violin Teachers in Hong Kong

    Many people in Hong Kong choose to learn musical instruments, and the violin is a popular choice. Regardless of age, beginners can quickly pick up the basics of playing the violin. Both adults and children can easily find professional violin teachers in Hong Kong, offering a range of violin courses tailored to different needs. These include courses for children, adults, and beginner violin classes.

    Recommendations for Violin Teachers and Courses in Hong Kong:

    If you're a beginner and not sure where to start in finding a violin teacher or courses in HK, Toby offers free recommendations of many certified professional violin teachers, saving you 99% of your search time! All violin teachers and courses have been verified and have undergone professional review. They are knowledgeable in music theory, have extensive teaching and violin performance experience.

    What violin courses should I choose?

    Violin courses can be categorized by age, including courses for children, and adults. They can also be divided by skill level into beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. Depending on the format of the class, there are group courses in violin schools, one-on-one private violin classes, and online violin lessons.

    What qualifications do violin teachers typically have?

    Violin teachers might hail from professional music establishments, accumulating years of teaching experience. Alternatively, they could be graduates from renowned music institutions, such as conservatories or university music departments, specializing in violin instruction after graduation. Additionally, some teachers have more distinguished backgrounds; they might have been members of symphony orchestras and have been mentored by internationally acclaimed violinists, possessing profound expertise in violin techniques and musical interpretation. Performance-level violin teachers exhibit exceptional skill, combining high-level performance abilities with the knack to impart these experiences to their students.

    What can I learn from violin lessons?

    For beginner violin students, teachers will start by introducing the basic knowledge of the violin, such as its structure, playing posture, choosing a suitable violin, and basic scale exercises. Additionally, violin teachers will provide foundational music theory knowledge, training in reading music scores, and help students develop a good sense of rhythm and beat. They'll also instruct students on the proper maintenance of the violin. For intermediate students with foundational knowledge, violin class teachers will begin teaching more advanced techniques and knowledge. This includes tonal adjustments, a wider array of fingerings and bowing techniques, analyzing violin pieces, in-depth studies of classical music, and expressing emotions through the violin. Furthermore, violin teachers will guide students in improvisation, aural training, and may even arrange for students to participate in ensemble performances or orchestras, as well as violin examinations and competitions.

    How much do violin lessons cost in Hong Kong?

    In 2023, the average price for violin lessons in Hong Kong is HKD350 per lesson (60 minutes), ranging from HKD120 to HKD800 per lesson. Violin teacher's qualifications, reputation, duration of the lesson, student's violin level, and the number of students, will all influence the price of violin lessons. For instance, violin teachers who graduated from renowned music conservatories or have performance-level qualifications typically charge higher prices. At the same time, advanced violin classes, due to the complexity and the preparation time required by the teacher, also come with higher costs. For students interested in trying out, some violin teachers offer trial lessons at a reduced prices of approximately HKD100 to HKD150.

    Can I learn from the free online violin lessons? Or is it better to have a violin teacher?

    While there are numerous free resources online, mastering the necessary postures and techniques of the violin is difficult without proper guidance. Especially when learning bowing and fingering techniques, incorrect postures can easily develop. Once these "bad" habits are established, they become hard to correct later on. Compared to self-study, one-on-one guidance from a professional violin teacher is undoubtedly more effective. A private violin teacher can not only promptly correct a student's mistakes but can also teach music theory, reading music scores, and share examination and performance experiences. The knowledge gained from a violin teacher goes beyond the depth that self-study can achieve.

    How many violin lessons should I take per week?

    If you're a beginner, it's suggested take at least 2 violin lessons per week. If you are an intermediate student or above, you can take one lesson per week.

    Is 25 too old to learn violin? What are the recommendations for adults beginning to learn the violin?

    Yes, you can learn the violin as an adult. No age is too old to start learning the violin. However, adults might initially be dissatisfied with their sound, but it's typical for beginners. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial. Adults may need more time to adopt the correct posture due to lesser flexibility than children, so regular stretching exercises are recommended. Despite daily life pressures possibly affecting consistency, practicing even 30 minutes daily can lead to improvement. For structured learning, seeking a professional violin teacher is advised.

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