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Mobile phones have become a nondetachable part of our lives. Apple iPhone is one of the popular mobile phone brand in Hong Kong. It is best to resort to an expert when it comes to replacing iPhone battery or repairing an iPhone screen!

Different iPhone Repair Store and iPhone Repair Technicians can also help you to run diagnosis tests and repair phones with water damage, short battery life, cracked screens and more.

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What are the issues of the phone?(Multiple)

  • Broken or cracked screen
  • Touchscreen faulty
  • Frozen, not responding
  • Volume Buttons Faulty
  • Home Button Faulty
  • Power Button Faulty
  • Others (Please Specify)
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  • 阿廣師傅
    Supreme Service
    Supplier of the Year
    Gold Tier
    (202 Reviews)
    Hello, I am an iPhone Repair Technicians. I have more than 4 years of experience in repairing mobile phones. I have repaired more than one thousand mobile phones and received the trust of many customers. In addition to the Quarry Bay store service, I can provide free mobile phone repair service! I can repair most of the mobile phone faults, including replacing the glass surface, replacing the LCD panel, replacing the battery, replacing the charging interface, charging position, front-rear lens, different buttons, and different handset functions. If you do not know the status of your mobile phone, welcome to me and I can answer for you. PS: Any questions about other electronic products, you can also try to ask me, I have more than 20 years of division here to serve you! Welcome to the store or call to make an appointment to repair! Repair phone can call or whatsapp
  • ShowTime Studio 手機維修
    Silver Tier
    Gold Tier
    (14 Reviews)
    Hello, I am a ShowTime Repair Center. A professional mobile phone repair team operated by a group of young people. Service professional and meticulous! Whether it is home repair service or service station repair, we can cooperate! Our goal is to provide services that benefit both parties and to maintain the spirit of the guests first. The accessories we use are all original products, and never use substitute/fake goods! We only provide services that are convenient for guests and quality assurance. Any price or inquiry is welcome.
  • 平板電腦維修|Buzzer
    (2 Reviews)
    Buzzer solves all kinds of computer, mobile phone and network problems at any time for you. You no longer have to bother sending computer equipment to the maintenance company personally, because we will come to your home or office to help you repair. You also need not worry about the security of your personal data, because every Buzzer technical specialist has the responsibility to protect the privacy of the customer. In addition, Buzzer provides even more peace of mind on the 7th for free follow-up.
  • MCRC明志手機維修中心
    (4 Reviews)
    Ming Chi Repair Center (MingChiRepairCenter) It is a professional mobile phone repair team that has served Hong Kong people for more than 5 years. It has more than dozens of professional service technicians and pioneers mobile phone door repair service. It is determined to bring more convenient services to Hong Kong people. Maintenance area: IPhone Samsung LG SONY Huawei and other brands to repair burst screen Wi-Fi upgrade to unlock water data repair data transfer and other mobile phone issues
  • 百修通手機維修中心
    Founded in March 2013, the company is a professional provider of intelligent terminal products (mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.) for repair, recycling and consignment services. We have a dozens of professional maintenance teams, most of whom have senior maintenance engineers with more than 3-5 years of mobile phone repair experience; they repair Apple, Samsung, SONY, LG, HTC and other brands of mobile phones and computers, cameras, etc. With unique insights and maintenance methods, any malfunctioning mobile phone can be easily solved in their hands. Committed to creating a full-service platform for smart terminals and providing the best quality service, it has always been the service tenet of the company. Pei-Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd. is the principle of good faith management, high-quality products and caring services. Over the past two years, the service number has exceeded 100,000 person-times, which has won the recognition of many smart terminal users in Hong Kong. We fix the devices the same day they arrive and if a repair is more than our special flat rate pricing, we will send a quote before performing any work. We offer a 30day warranty and can handle up to 100 repairs per day.We have been Iphone and other devices for schools and corporations since the first iphone came out.We repeair ipads,iphones,Apple MacBooks and samsung,sony,LG,htc,nokia. Business 1. Provide product after-sale maintenance/recovery service for smart product retailers (company) 2. Provide services such as maintenance/recovery/consignment for intelligent terminal users (individual)
  • 國際專業手機電腦iPad維修丨fynd
    (3 Reviews)
    Fynd provides reliable & trustworthy on-demand phone repair service. When you break your device, you don't have to go to a repair shop, the repair shop will come to you instead! We'll repair your device at a location & time of your convenience. MISSION Reducing world's downtime, one device at a time. VISION We believe that innovative technologies & smart design can remove traditional barriers, create social impact & enhance life experiences. CAUSE Fynd is not just about fixing phones, we are about fixing lives. With the rising costs of living and how it's impacting the middle class, we want to create a better source of income for anyone with the skills by directly matching them with customers who need their help. We are passionate in creating a new form of employment for technical expert.
  • Smartphone 手機維修中心
    Silver Tier
    (8 Reviews)
    Hello, we are SMARTCARES repair center! We undertake [home phone repair] and [market phone repair], depending on your needs! Service Coverage - Welcome to the opening of the third branch, our master craftsmen have traveled to Tsuen Wan, Causeway Bay and Kwai Hing! - The range of on-site services has been greatly improved, and there is always one near you! - Again, I will help you through the door! Service Targets 1. The company has received the trademark 2. (Transparent price) provide clear quotes online 3. (Service priority) focus on team execution Locations Store 1: 5 minutes walk from Tsuen Wan West (98 Henhe Street) Store 2: 1 minute walk from Causeway Bay (236 stores in Causeway Bay) Store 3: 1 minute walk from Kwai Hing (life@KCC 415) Store 1: Tsuen Wan West Station Walking Video 🚶‍♀️https://youtu.be/PZhBFlxuR28 Store 2: Causeway Bay Walk Movie 🚶‍♀https://youtu.be/pEkAqaOvkE Store 3: Kwai Hing Store Walking Video 🚶‍♀️https://youtu.be/vppCQfxLtV8 Facebook 25,000 followers Thank you for your trust in the SMARTCARES repair center!
  • Grand Strategy Computer 宏略電腦
    Supreme Service
    Silver Tier
    (41 Reviews)
    The Grand Strategy Computer was founded in 2007 and now has four stores located in Sham Shui Po, Rainbow, Mong Kok and Shek Kip Mei. It also provides on-site maintenance services including desktop computers, laptop computers, mobile phones and data recovery and repair. Please feel free to call for a quote. Sincere hospitality, confidence guarantee
  • Dave
    (3 Reviews)
    Every day offers a variety of electronic products offer welcome private news I or WHATSAPP I all old and new into the water with a bad phone / camera / lens / tablet / APPLE products / real-time quote
  • 第一站手機維修
    First Station Smartphone Repair Services, has many years of professional mobile phone repair experience. The company has advanced equipment and equipment to provide high-quality and high-quality maintenance services, as well as free check-in for mobile phone customers and real-time quotes. The company provides maintenance services include: water, glass explosion, explosion Mon, black Mon, can not charge, silent, no signal, bad machine and other services. The first station mobile phone repair has always provided the most economical price and the best service to the customer. As long as you have any questions you are welcome to call us, we have someone to answer questions for you.
  • 阿俊
    (1 Reviews)
    Phone House Professional phone repair experience for more than a decade Professional express repairs at a reasonable price Confidence guarantee (Yau Tong Kwun Tong Kowloon City)
  • John
    (3 Reviews)
    Professional in fixing electronic devices (smart phone, computer, etc.). All operations will be taken with myself only. Guarantee all data will not be leaked to anywhere else.
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    iPhone Repair Average Cost

    Total Price: $350
    Total Price: $550
    Total Price: $1,000
    iPhone Repair cost table
    Total Price: $350
    Total Price: $550
    Total Price: $1,000
    How do we get this data? Toby collects the quotations for the projects that are completed. We also actively conduct cost surveys with our network of pros with regard to the services they provide. After compiling and organizing, we report this data back to you as a cost guidance on your next project. DISCLAIMER: The price range published by Toby is a estimate only and is not indicative of what you will be charged by the pro. Please note that your project cost will vary based on the scope of the service that will be provided.
    • "iphone screen repair hong kong"

      Hong Kong-Tai Ko

      What brand is your phone needed to be repaired?Apple
      What model is your phone needed to be repaired?iPhone 8
      Anything else would you like your Pro to know?iphone screen repair
    • "iPhone battery replacement"

      Kowloon-Lam Tin

      What are the issues of the phone?Battery issue
      What happens before your phone has problems?Don't know/ Nothing special, App Installation, System Update
      Anything else would you like your Pro to know?I would like to ask a iPhone repair technician or mobile repair shop to help me replace the battery of my iPhone 6
    • "Looking for a phone repair shop near me"

      Kowloon-Choi Hung

      What are the issues of the phone?Faulty Volume Buttons/Power Button, Faulty Home Button, Touchscreen faulty
      What happens before your phone has problems?Water damage, Fall down to ground
      Anything else would you like your Pro to know?iPhone repair near me, i dont wanna go to far. thanks

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    How much does it costs to repair your iPhone?

    iPhone repair cost typically starts at $350-$1,000. The final repairing price is based on iPhone types, type of phone problems, and other factors. Fixing the latest iPhone model (like iPhone X, i Phone 8 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, etc.) will cost higher than other iPhone models (like iPhone 6, iPhone SE). Also the iPhone repair cost will differ depends on the issue itself and the extent of damage, whether it is a screen repair, battery replacement, or other phone repair problem.

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