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The best way to learn local culture is to learn the langauge - Cantonese. You can learn proper pronunciations and apply it in conversations when you attend Cantonese classes. Through practicing the language, your interpersonal and professional communication skills can be improved as well.

Private Cantonese tutors can teach you Cantonese in an intensive Cantonese courses for foreginers, beginners, kids, and adults.

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  • 11 - 18 Years Old
  • 19 - 64 Years Old
  • 65 Years Old Or Above
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  • 愉粵 JYU JYUT Cantonese Tutoring
    (4 Reviews)
    We are a Cantonese tutoring team in Hong Kong established by a group of young tutors which aims at promoting Cantonese language and Hong Kong culture to students from a variety of backgrounds. 我們提供一對一/私人小組廣東話課程,可選擇到中心上課或網上課堂。學費已包括所有印製筆記!如選擇網上課堂,我們...
  • Mia Tsang
    Silver Tier
    (29 Reviews)
    Hi, I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), major in Chinese Language and Literature. I  also completed a master degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language at CUHK. I have 10 years of teaching experience in HK secondary schools, teaching Mandarin, Chinese Language, Chinese History and Chinese Literature. I am also a private Mandarin and Cantonese tutor. I passed the Language Proficiency Assessment For Teachers (Putonghua) and also achieved the 2 upper level (score 88.9) in Putonghua Proficiency Test (PSC) held in Beijing. With years of experience in teaching, I understand  students’ learning difficulties and can provide the most suitable notes for individual academic or professional needs. I am patient and friendly and I  hope l could be your tutor!
  • Iris Lau
    (2 Reviews)
    Graduated from the Department of Chinese and English Bilingual Studies of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. During his studies, he won several awards in writing competitions, the Gold Award for Friends of Youth at the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and the Talent Development Scholarship awarded by the Education Bureau. He likes translation, culture and art, photography, music, and travel. I hope more people can enjoy the fun of learning languages! ^^
  • Elton Wong
    Supreme Service
    (170 Reviews)
    Studying in Japan, specializing in Japanese, working in Japan for many years, making up for the Japanese proficiency test, daily conversation and business Japanese.
  • Elaine
    I am able to provide a Putonghua class for adults and children. Junior high school and elementary school mathematics can also be processed.
  • Joyce Kwok
    Service Category 1) Translation - 10+ years of translation and writing experience - professional medical, religious and educational translation - Chinese - English - Chinese 2) Dubbing - Chinese or English 3) Cantonese professor - individual or class Taught - Child or Adult 4) Play Therapy - Child-Centered Play Therapy - Parent-Child Play Therapy Parent Course 5) Mc
  • Gloria
    Do your best with sincerity
  • Cathy
    I have experience in teaching English in a tutorial centre for 2 yrs. I start to learn in an English environment since 10. I am patient and I love teaching.
  • Vani Liu
    He used to be a textbook editor and a Chinese teacher in a children's center, teaching writing and writing to children aged 3-11. Also has the nationally recognized game therapist qualification. At the same time operate a Facebook fans page related to handcraft:
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    Cantonese Class Average Cost

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    Actual Cantonese Lesson Requests

    • "Get my son a Cantonese Teacher"

      Hong Kong - Central

      What is the student's current Cantonese reading/writing level?Beginner
      Purpose of learning CantoneseAcademic
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?Private Small Class (2-6 persons) (Non open to other students)
    • "Learn Cantonese for work "

      Hong Kong - Sai Yin Pun

      What is the student's current Cantonese reading/writing level?Intermediate
      Purpose of learning CantoneseJob-related
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?One on one tutoring
    • "Just got in Hong Kong. Learn some Canto to live better"

      Kowloon- Kowloon City

      What is the student's current Cantonese reading/writing level?No Experience
      Purpose of learning CantoneseOwn Interest
      Which type of lesson does student prefer?One on one tutoring

    About Cantonese Class - Learn Cantonese in Hong Kong / Cantonese Lessons

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    Cantonese Course Rates

    The prices of Cantonese lessons for non-Chinese speakers can go from $150 to $250 per hour depending on the experience of the Cantonese teacher. There are intensive Cantonese courses and normal Cantonese classes for ethnic minorities, beginners, kids, and adults, etc.

    Is it difficult to learn Cantonese pronounciations?

    There are six hundred unique sounds in Cantonese and also nine different tones with which these sounds are pronounced. Thus, it could be viewed as difficult to learn Cantonese as it may sound very confusing and hard to differnentiate at first. If some students' mother tongue is Mandarin, it might be easier to pick up the langauge. Listening and speaking are essential components to master any language. Students should consider joining group classes to interact and practice with other classmates.

    How do I pick the best Cantonese class for myself?

    Before selecting an instructor or Cantonese course, you should know what your objectives are such as being able to hold a basic conversation, or in preparation for an exam, presentation. You can look for the instructor's education background and experience before making a decision.

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