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  • Kwong
    For many years in various institutions, the piano company has taught guitar, bass guitar, and pop drums. He can teach at home or teach in studio. Offers live band performances and small event audio rentals.
  • Ng Vivian
    Facebook Marketing: I have more than 1 year experience working in the digital marketing industry😀 I am familiar with the advertising and analytics tool on Facebook. With effective social media strategies, I can leverage the growth of your busines...
  • 郭永堂
    Local brand candy music planner; Event musician and pop guitar tutor Accepted multiple pop music educators with guitarists Tommy Chan/Tommy Ho 21 years old at the KDU School of Music to study pop piano performance, the foundation and music production diplomas at the same time at 23 Passed the Rockschool Grade 8 Electric Guitar when he was young
  • 李Sir
    Pop drum course instructor Brian Li, who has been admitted to Trinity rock school (Drums level 8 certification), has participated in performing and teaching in private and charitable organizations for many years. Now a full-time drummer/pop drum instructor. The essence of the course is easy to learn and easy to learn, and has won appreciation from all walks of life. Individual professors provide professional music knowledge and skills to improve your music level. Pop drum lessons learn about drum accessories, teach correct posture, band playing skills, pop rhythm drum tabs and basic beats, and more. 1-to-1 teaching fee for class: only HK$800 for four classes (45 minutes per class) or HK$1000 (one hour per class) There is a double drum classroom in San Po Kong, two sets of drums are convenient for learning...
  • Felix Lam
    I'm Felix, a professional professor of cajon drums. I have been teaching instruments in various community center schools, including guitar, ukulele, drum set, etc. At the same time, I am a professional recording mixer. I am also very good at repairing PCs.
  • DJ Reg
    (2 Reviews)
    DJ Reg 專業全職Wedding, Corporate, Party DJ。 婚禮,公司活動,學校活動。 超過180場DJ及演出經驗。 2018 渣打香港馬拉松大會DJ 2018 Hugo Boss annual dinner DJ 2019 LVMH 酩悅·軒尼詩-路易·威登集團annual dinner DJ 2019 SHISEIDO資生堂 annual dinner DJ 2019 P&G corporate celebration dinner DJ 2019 HKTDC 貿...
  • Entonie Kwong
    Entonie Kwong - Multi-worker, engaged in music production and performance, public project management and general teaching - Royal College of Music Piano Grade 8 and Music Theory Grade 8 - Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Hotel and Tourism Management - Has been promoted to "CASH" three times Finalist of "Pop Song Composition Contest", and twice won the "Most Popular Song Award on the Internet" in the finals, and was selected as one of the top ten in the Sony Music Online Talent Contest in 2015 - Existing singers include: C AllStar, Zheng Rong, Regen@HotCha , Liu Weihuang and Chen Meishi, etc. - have participated in pop music, large institutions, online games, micro-movie song production and advertising soundtrack - as a harpsichord player, in small music...
  • Summer
    Summer Tso(曹詠詩) 畢業於Hong Kong Design Institute (Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Media) 現為獨立唱作人,過去曾以樂隊型式參加通行琴行舉辦的原音樂隊比賽中獲得亞軍及CASH原創歌曲獎 及 香港青年協會舉辦的青年樂隊大賽中獲得最佳原創歌曲大獎,亦曾擔任 張繼聰,Supper Moment 的音樂會暖場嘉賓。 樂隊音樂作品we are getting close在2014年被選為Sony Camera A...
  • Cadenza Harps
    we provide harp, piano and music theory lessons. we sell harps, books and related materials and we are the distributor of Horngacher Harps in Hk. We also provide music performances such as harp or piano solos and ensembles to events such as weddin...
  • Pool Music Production Limited
    Professor of musical instruments and music theory (including popular and classical music), sound rental, band training, music performance (band, string, wind, etc.), event arrangement, singer performance arrangement, studio venue out hm
  • To lee
    To Lee Tao [Pop Guitar Instructor] Obtained grade 8 Rock school diploma. He was the guitarist of BEYOND's drummer Ye Shirong and his band EVER. He followed Shirong to perform in different places. Years of teaching experience. The local band EVER's guitarist TV show <Looking for Lee tonight> Band Palwerful band Guitarist Professional musician Indie musician
  • Sam Ko
    I am a fourth-year student in Polytechnic University and have three to four years of tutoring experience. My main focus is Chinese. I have achieved good results in Chinese in the 2013 Diploma of Secondary Education Examination, and I have done Chinese proofreading for ten advertisements. In his spare time, he likes to sing and play ukulele. He has many years of experience in participating in choirs and is currently participating in acapella chorus.
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    Cws Blossom
    Jun 02 2017
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Good service, fast response, and sincere attitude

    May 27 2017
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Very responsible, the child is very satisfied.

    Mr Hung
    May 13 2017
    Auto-translated from Chinese (Traditional)
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    Carefully teach Primary 5 students who lack concentration, develop the habit of reading Chinese, the grades range from failing to excellent, and the service attitude is good. Thank you very much.

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    Band Performance Average Cost

    Total Price: $3,000
    Total Price: $5,000
    Total Price: $9,000
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    Total Price: $3,000
    Total Price: $5,000
    Total Price: $9,000
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    Actual Band Performance Requests

    • "Band for Wedding"

      New Territories - Sha TIn

      When is the band performance?At night
      Which type of live performance would you like?Singing And Instrumentals
      How long would you like the performance to last?Above 3 Hours
    • "Party Musician"

      Hong Kong Island - Central

      When is the band performance?At night
      Which type of live performance would you like?Singing And Instrumentals
      How long would you like the performance to last?2 - 3 Hours
    • "Mall Performance"

      Kowloon - Diamond Hill

      When is the band performance?In the afternoon
      Which type of live performance would you like?Instrumentals Only
      How long would you like the performance to last?2 - 3 Hours

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